Placencia is a peninsula in southern Belize. Located along the Caribbean Sea, beaches are only a short stroll away.

Our Home

Serendipity at its finest. Our need for a home aligned directly with the completion date of this home. 

The perfect place for us and visitors. Plenty of living space upstairs and a separate apartment for visitors below.

Looking forward to hosting you when you come!


It took a little time, but we have finally made this place home.  Take a look around then start preparing for your visit.


Apartment A

Lunch Time!

I hate to admit we eat out a lot more than we should. But you have to admit, the views can win you over every time! 

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is scheduled daily for 3 PM on the verandah of Apartment A. Unfortunately, we have not been keeping to that schedule, but I expect that to change very soon.